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Increase awareness of your organization by sponsoring Smiling Acres, one of Michigan’s fastest-growing outdoor venues! Smiling Acres is located on 40 acres of pristine rural land – but just 40 minutes from West Michigan’s hub city of Grand Rapids. Smiling Acres offers room to explore, hiking on our trails, and comfortable camping options, with five publicly-accessible lakes conveniently located within five miles and 3,000 acres of state land nearby.

Thousands of attendees visit Smiling Acres throughout the year to see a wide variety of different public and private events, from music performances to yoga retreats to haunted trails – including our flagship event, Smiling Acres Music Festival (SAMF), a multi-genre three-day event held every year around July 4th weekend that sees a massive variety of attendees of all ages and demographics.


What's in it for you

Sponsorship connects your brand to the events and memories people value most, the experiences of a lifetime. By sponsoring a Michigan outdoor event venue, you also keep your ad dollars right here in Michigan – while boosting your exposure to people across the country who come to visit our events.

In addition to advertising placement on the grounds – at the gate, along the entrance road, and of course on the main stage – all of our sponsorship packages include:

  • Front-page website placement
  • Social media @mentions and paid sponsor-specific posts
  • Inclusion in our festival-specific SAMF jingle played throughout the event
  • 1099 from Smiling Acres to support your sponsorship as an advertising expense
  • Harmony Passes – see below for details on these exclusive VIP guest passes!

More than just advertising

But it’s not just about the exposure: Michigan’s art scene pulses with vibrant energy, and Smiling Acres is right at the heart of it. From budding talents to seasoned masters, you’re nurturing a community where artistic inspiration takes flight. 

By sponsoring Smiling Acres, you’re more than just a patron: you’re a catalyst, sparking growth. Every brushstroke, every melody, every spoken word echoes with your dedication. You give artists a voice, audiences a spark of wonder, and the entire community a tapestry woven with the threads of creativity.

Harmony Pass

All Sponsorship levels include our sponsor-only Harmony Pass – your exclusive VIP guest pass. Each Harmony Pass includes:

  • (1) Early Entry Pass
  • (1) All Weekend Camping Pass (with RV pass)
  • (1) $20 food voucher
  • (1) T-shirt
  • (1) Signed poster

Sponsorship Levels

In addition to the benefits listed above, each level of sponsorship comes with its own rewards:

Title Sponsor

$ 100,000 Yearly
  • 50 SAMF Harmony Passes
  • 2 SAMF booth spaces
  • 2-day Smiling Acres rental for private or corporate use
  • 5 shout-outs in the SAMF jingle

Series Sponsor

$ 50,000 Yearly
  • 25 SAMF Harmony Passes
  • 2 SAMF booth spaces
  • 1-day Smiling Acres rental for private or corporate use
  • 4 shout-outs in the SAMF jingle

Festival Sponsor

$ 30,000 Yearly
  • 15 SAMF Harmony Passes
  • 1 SAMF booth space
  • 1-day Smiling Acres rental for private or corporate use
  • 3 shout-outs in the SAMF jingle

Media Sponsor

$ 20,000 Yearly
  • 10 SAMF Harmony Passes
  • 1 SAMF booth space
  • 2 shout-outs in the SAMF jingle

Business Sponsor

$ 2,500 Yearly
  • 5 SAMF Harmony Passes
  • 1 SAMF booth space
  • 1 shout-out in the SAMF jingle

Local Sponsor

$ 500 Yearly
  • 2 SAMF Harmony Passes
  • 1 shout-out in the SAMF jingle

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