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Volunteer positions for Smiling Acres Music Festival

Volunteers are to work two (2) four (4) hour shifts to get an adult all-weekend camping pass to Smiling Acres Music Festival. Along with your ticket, you get a volunteer shirt and meal pass to be redeemed at the Sunshine Café only. Meals will be pre-determined by staff.

Please see Smiling Acres Music Festival rules for volunteers, below, before signing up for a volunteer position. Failure to meet expectations could result in being expelled from the festival and banned from volunteering for SAMF.

Early Entry Volunteer Information

Only authorized staff, services, and early entry volunteers are allowed on the Smiling Acres grounds prior to 9:00 AM on Friday.

You are an early entry volunteer if you have a shift on Friday that begins between the hours of 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM or have pre-authorization from an executive board member and are on an approved list.

You will get a separate email with your early entry ticket.

Volunteer positions​

Main gate

(Friday 8:30 AM – Sunday 4:30 PM)

Selling tickets, assisting with entrance and exits, passing wrist bands, assisting with parking/camping questions, handing out maps and schedule of events. 

Parking lot attendant

Directing day parking, walking campground making sure cars/campers/trailers are pointed in the correct direction. Assisting with gates if/when needed.

Kids' tent

Assisting with crafts, setting up/packing crafts. 

Hospitality cart

Must be 18+. Driving around festival grounds assisting festival goers to destinations on festival grounds. May be asked to assist artists and/or stage.


Keeping the grounds picked up in the campground and festival area. Pulling full garbage bags/replacing bags, pulling recycling bags/replacing bags, helping dump garbage into dumpster. Making sure eating area is kept clean, sinks are kept full of water and soap, porta-jons have sanitizer and toilet paper.

Smiling Acres General Store

Selling items at the store, helping with till, helping assist festival goers with festival merch, snacks, drinks, and other items.

Sunshine Café

Taking orders, talking to customers, keeping the front of café clean and stocked.

Artist merch

Assisting with organizing and selling of artist merch, helping with storing merch if SAMF is locking it up overnight, assisting with inventory. 

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Have you volunteered for Smiling Acres Music Festival before?
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?
What area would you like to work in? (see above)
Background Check
I understand that a background check will be conducted for conviction information only, and that the existence of a criminal record will not necessarily affect my volunteer status. Automatic review of status will commence upon the finding of any criminal history within the preceding ten (10) years of any form of violence, assault, domestic violence, or abuse against children.

I understand that I am giving my permission for the Smiling Acres Music Festival to institute a background check on me.

I understand that the results of this check will be held in the strictest confidence, and access to this information will be limited within the Smiling Acres Music Festival.

I understand that I have the right to revoke this consent, in writing, at any time.

I hereby release the Smiling Acres Music Festival, its employees, agents, and contractors, from any and all liability whatsoever, arising out of this request to consent to a criminal background check, and any decisions made concerning my application to be a volunteer, based on the results of this background check.

The Smiling Acres Music Festival’s (SAMF) purpose in instituting a background check policy is to establish standards which minimize risks to the organization’s personnel, customers, and visitors; to promote a safe environment; to protect the organization’s reputation, and to protect key organizational assets, such as people, property, and information. The policies and procedures stated herein shall apply to all Smiling Acres Music Festival programs, employees, student interns, volunteers, or applicants for various positions.

STAFF: Board members, employees, volunteers, and/or student interns
SAMF: Smiling Acres Music Festival

1. Background checks shall be conducted on staff, to uphold the public trust, minimize legal liability, and/or adverse public reaction, which, as a part of their usual duties has the potential responsibility for handling situations with adults or children, or those who handle SMAF funds, and volunteers for the festival.

2. All existing staff shall be subject to a background check, as will applicants for new positions. Ongoing status checks shall be conducted periodically, at the discretion and frequency deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

3. All background checks will be conducted and processed under the provisions of the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. P.A. 442 of 1976.

4. In the event that it is determined that an individual has been convicted of any serious criminal offense, the information found will be considered by SAMF in making decisions as to whether to hire an applicant for employment or utilize them for volunteer services, or to reassign, suspend and/or terminate an individual, whether an employee or volunteer.

a. sexual misconduct of any kind, including but not limited to criminal sexual conduct in any degree, sexual abuse, prostitution, solicitation, indecent exposure, gross indecency, and/or the attempt of any such offenses, or

b. acts of violent aggression of any kind, including but not limited to assault, arson, child abuse, vulnerable adult abuse, homicide, kidnapping, malicious destruction of property, robbery, riot, stalking, and/or the attempt of any such offenses, then SAMF shall deny employment to any such applicant or staff or shall suspend or terminate the employment or services of any such employee or volunteer.

5. Any misdemeanor conviction will be used to make decisions up to and including reassignment, sanctions and/or discharge, especially where the misdemeanor is found to be related to the job responsibilities of the person.

6. SAMF reserves the right to use any felony conviction as a basis for a decision up to and including reassignment, sanctions and/or discharge.

7. In the event that a criminal conviction involves the conviction of use, possession, or sales of illicit or controlled substances, including the operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances, may also be the basis for reassignment, suspension, and/or termination of employment or volunteer services.


1. Hiring:

A. The application packet shall include such documents that serve to inform applicants that they shall be subject to a background check.

B. Each applicant shall complete an authorization to obtain information and/or general release of information document to be considered for employment or volunteer services. The completed authorization form(s) will be forwarded for processing. Failure to return these documents shall constitute a withdrawal of the request for employment or volunteer service.

C. Results from the background checks shall be forwarded to the Volunteer Services Committee, as appropriate, for review and action. SAMF reserves the right to act on the results of such inquiries to best serve its interests and those of the people it serves.

D. Copies of the completed application packet, authorization forms, and any documents obtained through the background checks, shall be maintained in the candidate’s personnel file. The privacy of the files shall be maintained, as indicated by the SAMF Board of Directors.

2. Ongoing Personnel Management:

A. The Volunteer Services Committee shall be responsible for ensuring the periodic review of agency staff and shall conduct repeat background checks at the discretion and frequency as determined by the Board of Directors.

B. The processing of repeat background checks will occur in the same manner as denoted under hiring practices above.

C. Results will be reviewed for job relatedness. Reassignment of position, suspension, or discharge may occur because of the background checks, dependent on the seriousness of the criminal conviction and the position occupied by the staff person.

3. Negative Action:

A. Staff will be given an opportunity to explain any results obtained through the background checks before any adverse action is taken. Factors such as the age of the individual at the time of the conduct, the recency of and circumstances surrounding the conduct will be taken into consideration in the decision-making process.

B. The Volunteer Services Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for action. This recommendation will be forwarded, with identifying characteristics such as the individual’s name withheld, for discussion and decision as part of a regular business meeting of SAMF.

C. Any decision of the Volunteer Services Committee may be appealed, in writing, within 30 days of the receipt of the negative action letter, to the SAMF Board of Directors. Implementing this appeal process may limit the ability of SAMF to assure the privacy of the individual facing adverse action.
Volunteer Rules
Volunteers must submit a volunteer form.

Volunteers must work two 4-hour shifts.

Volunteers must be sober for their shifts. No smoking/vaping/drinking are allowed during shift.

If volunteer is found to be incapacitated, volunteer is unable to work their shift and will be banned from volunteering the following year. Volunteer could be banned for life if the Volunteer Service Committee chooses to bring offense to the SAMF Board of Directors.

Failure to show for your shift on time deems you to be a no-show. This will ban you from volunteering for the following year.
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